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In stock Rods

All of our rods are handcrafted from leading edge components. Before each rod is handcrafted, our custom rod builder analyzes each component to ensure it meets our highest standards for quality and appearance.  If you would like a  personalized custom rod built, please contact us directly for a quote.

Request a quote


Please include the following in your message for a custom rod quote.

  • Style of fishing (Spinning, Casting, Trolling, Ice Fishing, Etc.)

  • Color of guides (Black, Chrome, TiON, Gun Metal)​

  • Grip (Split or Standard, Cork/EVA/Carbon Fiber)

  • Custom Paint (Yes or No. If yes, please specify color)

  • Preferred length

  • 1 piece,  2 piece, 3 piece travel

  • Preferred action (Medium, Mod-Fast, Fast, Extra Fast)

  • Preferred power (light, med-light, medium, med-Heavy, Heavy, Ex-Heavy)

Thanks for submitting!

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