Remm Outdoors hand crafted fly rod with Microwave 18 guide system and custom British racing green paint.



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Welcome to Remm Outdoors.  We are committed to building custom fishing rods for every angler. The style, color and comfort of every rod is designed by our in house rod builder to your specifications.  We enjoy hearing from our customers and other anglers about their fishing experiences. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find our contact information. We are proud to hand craft custom fishing rods right here in the United States.



Each custom fishing rod is built to the customers needs and wishes but truly gets its life in the workshop each night after the kids are put to bed.  Each color is analyzed, measurements are taken, guides are attached and threading begins as the rod starts to get a personality. That personality is how each rod gets it name before it leaves the workshop.  Each and every component is inspected for quality before it becomes part of the finished rod. Our components are supplied by an industry leader, American Tackle Company.


Our rods are handcrafted from leading edge components. Before each rod is handcrafted, our custom rod builder analyzes each component to ensure it meets our highest standards for quality and appearance.

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Remm Outdoors
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CCT - Compressed Carbon Technology Reel
G2 Carbon Handles - Full & Adjustable Le
G2 Carbon Handles - Split Grips _ theame
AT - Matrix Blanks
Bushido 3K BA Series Jig n' Bait Blanks
AT - 3K Bushido Blanks
AT -Bushido Blanks
AT - ATX Travel Series
AT - ATX Boat Rods
AT - ATX Graphite Blanks
AT - MicroWave Air Guides
AT - MicroWave
MicroWave 20 Line Control System _ theam
MicroWave 18 Line Control System _ theam
AT - DELTA Guides
AT - G2 Reel Set
AT - G2
AT - G2



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